DOLF – A New Psychological Theory, by Vera Rabie, D.Psy.

This website presents a new disruptive psychological theory.

Instead of judging mental health by looking at behavior, DOLF – the Distribution Of Love in Families – looks at the emotions that are the reasons behind behavior. In other words, rather than judge your mental health merely by what you are doing, DOLF first finds out who you are, and hence, WHY you are doing what you do.

The DOLF method evolved from 40 years of observation and empirical study. It works by analyzing the LOVE resources that exist in every family, so that some treatment can take place without the help of a therapist.

Whether the unacceptable behavior is ADHD, hoarding, eating disorder, depression, OCD, opposition and rebellion, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or any other behavior, DOLF starts with surprising explanations, and often leads to a cure.

DOLF makes surprising revelations. The most far-reaching one is that personality and behavior are NOT derived from hereditary factors or from random interventions such as peer group influences. Rather, the conduct of any human being is governed by the as yet undiscovered and surprising factor of FAVORITISM!

DOLF focuses on the LOVE that was distributed in your Family of Origin, with your parents and siblings. Were you MORE LOVED (FAVORED), or LESS LOVED (DISFAVORED)? DOLF shows how the portion of LOVE you received in your first family formed the blueprint for all your feelings, personality and behavior today!

The main discovery in DOLF is that an invisible LOVE force flows between parents and children, like the gift that was given to Adam during “Creation” in the illustration below. And it is this mystical energy from your parents that will determine your mental wellness or illness forever!

The DOLF method of treatment works to rectify the imbalances in the way LOVE was distributed by your parents. It contradicts our intuitive belief that your personality traits were inherited, or that we can change your behavior by using standard reward and punishment methods.

DOLF simply looks at whether you were Favored or Disfavored as a child, and informs us that only those parent-child exchanges around LOVE or lack of LOVE formed you when you were a child, and only by unraveling or understanding those relationships can your behavior and personality be changed today!

The main discovery in DOLF is that if you were a Favored child, your personality became docile, easy-going and likable, while if you were Disfavored, your personality was infused with 3 negative feelings: Anger, Depression and Anxiety. Treatment approaches then vary accordingly.

DOLF empowers parents to understand and change their children’s misbehavior, and allows adults to understand their own motivations. It will teach you life-changing facts that will make you wonder why these secrets were never discovered before. You will come to understand yourself, live a more peaceful family life, raise better children, and in time, even contribute to enhancing society.

To fully grasp DOLF, followers are asked to read all the material on this website. Please consider that the author is the sole proprietor of this information, and is continually updating it.

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