DOLF – A New Theory of Psychology, by Vera Rabie, D.Psy.

Instead of judging mental health by looking at your behavior, DOLF – the Distribution Of Love in Families – is a new method that examines the emotions behind behavior. So rather than diagnose mental health by what you do, we first find out what you are feeling, and from there figure out WHY you are doing what you do. If you feel like nobody understands you, with DOLF you will finally feel understood!

The DOLF method applies to everyone and often arrives at a cure. It evolved from 40 years of observation and study of child behavior and works by adjusting the flow of LOVE that exists in every family. Whether the unacceptable behavior is ADHD, eating disorder, depression, OCD, defiance and opposition, substance abuse, anxiety, suicide thoughts or any other behavior, DOLF gets to the root of the problem, and behavior changes naturally.

DOLF attributes personality and behavior to the hidden factor of


How was LOVE distributed by your parents in your Family of Origin? Were you more loved (FAVORED) or less loved (DISFAVORED) than a sibling? DOLF shows how the portion of LOVE you got, or didn’t get, formed the blueprint for all your feelings, personality and behavior now. It also tells us exactly how to change the pattern of parent-to-child LOVE to make behavioral changes!

If you were a Favored child, your personality turned out gentle, easy-going and likable. This happened not because of your genes but in response to your parents’ LOVE for you! But if you were Disfavored, your personality was infused with 3 negative feelings: Anger, Depression and Anxiety, and this happened not because of bad genes, but in response to the lack of LOVE you felt as a child. The differences in personality and behavior between you and your next-born sibling are not due to heredity, stubbornness, peer influence or any other random occurrence. They are simply due to the greater or lesser amount of LOVE you each received from your parents!

How important is this discovery that FAVORITISM determines personality and behavior? DOLF completely disrupts current psychology! It changes our entire basis for understanding, interpreting, diagnosing and treating mental illness, and has untold repercussions for criminal behavior, substance abuse, suicide and more!

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