DOLF Theory

The case of Tyler Hadley

In a mysterious case of extreme violence, Tyler Hadley, a teenager of only 16, brutally killed both his parents, cleaned the mess, and held a party in the home while they lay dead in their bedroom. On the same night he readily confessed to a friend, who called authorities, and swiftly pleaded guilty.

Treatment Example 5

This is the case of a young woman with a serious phobia of mice. She was referred by her boyfriend who was worried that her mental problems were becoming so disruptive that they were leading to physical injuries. She was having nightmares in which she dreamt there were mice were crawling all over her, and would wake up screaming. More recently, her night terrors were increasing in vividness and intensity, reaching a point where, in a state of half sleep, she would sometimes jump out of bed, seize any object she could reach, and swat herself all over to get rid of the critters, causing severe bruises.

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The case of Ted Kaczinski – the Unabomber

The first example in the American edition of my book is Ted Kaczinski. In a reign of terror, Ted sent mail bombs to university professors and other executives, killing 3 and injuring 23. As the reason for his malicious acts, he proffered a liberalist manifesto that he insisted be published in newspapers. It was a case that stumped the FBI for 17 years and puzzled anyone who was familiar with Ted and his family.

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Treatment example 4

A 17-year-old boy came in with his mother. He was large and clumsy looking and had learning disabilities which had been accurately diagnosed. His parents had made a great effort to purchase certain machines he needed to get around his limitations, mainly with respect to working around his poor fine motor skills, that affected his ability to read, write and communicate his ideas. Although he was proficient at making use of all the facilities he had at his disposal, he was unable to organize himself in school, and was getting near failing marks.

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The case of Alan Hruby

Here is a clear case of favoritism that happened in 2014, a major crime that was reviewed by prominent television stations. During his high school and college years Alan Hruby began to spend money very liberally, living “the high life” and regularly splurging on brand name watches, jewellery, travel, cars, etc. When his parents ran out of money for him, he turned to defrauding his mentally compromised grandmother. When that ran out, he decided the best way to feed his money hunger was to kill his parents and get his hands on his inheritance. Since he killed his sister too, he was now entitled to inherit the entire estate. So Alan came home from college one day and did his dirty work, killed off the mother and sister, then sat amid the blood and gore and waited for his father to come home, and finished him off too. He must have thought it was a brilliant plan at the time, but when you look at his behavior carefully, could there really have been a plan? Was any intellectual power implemented here?

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