The Power Of Love

DOLF is based on an invisible LOVE force that flows between parents and children. In Michelangelo’s depiction below, imagine this LOVE as the strength given to Adam during creation. In that small void between the tips of their fingers lies the essence of the LOVE that was passed down to you from your parents. It … More The Power Of Love

Ganging Up

I was asked by a grandmother to help with handling her grandchild. She told me her 7-year-old grandson was about to be expelled from school because the teachers found him impossible to control. She told me horror stories that he was being so aggressive and beating up other children, disrupting classes, refusing to listen or … More Ganging Up

The Question of Research

The important question of why DOLF theory grew out of my experience, empirical study and observation rather than hard, systematic, academic experimentation or research is one that I am constantly asked. Let my preface my answer by saying that I a highly indebted to my education, which offered the continuation to my interminable curiosity about … More The Question of Research

A Normal Family

Today I went to see a professional and good friend, and we chatted casually while she performed her artistic trade on me. Because we know each other well, I asked about her family, her husband, daughter of 13 and son of 10. Suffice it to say she is a skilled, highly educated professional who is … More A Normal Family

Anorexia & Eating Disorders

Anorexia is the most serious of the eating disorders because it deprives the body of essential nourishment, and can bring its owner close to death. When the brain has limited nutrients, thinking and judgement become impaired, and the self image warped. The opposite behavior, overeating, can also become life threatening. As mentioned in the blog … More Anorexia & Eating Disorders

A Case of Identical Twins

The mystery of identical twins is one that has long baffled theorists. How can two people have identical genes in every cell of their body and look so alike that people can hardly tell them apart, yet be so completely different in their personality and behavior? Parents will tell you that, for those who know … More A Case of Identical Twins