The Power Of Love

DOLF is based on an invisible LOVE force that flows between parents and children. In Michelangelo’s depiction below, imagine this LOVE as the strength given to Adam during creation. In that small void between the tips of their fingers lies the essence of the LOVE that was passed down to you from your parents.

It is by far the most powerful force in life. It will determine your ups, your downs, your behavior, your reactions, your opinions, your attitudes, your ability to LOVE or not to LOVE, and everything else about you – for your lifetime!

But Adam was separated from his Maker and had to set up his life on earth for himself. As babies born into this world we remain continually emotionally dependent and attached to our parents for many years during our growth and development, until adolescence and beyond. Our childhood is a critical time, and in DOLF the attachment to parents foretells everything that will determine us from the moment of birth onward.

This, and not our observable behavior, is the essence of who we actually are inside! Whatever comes later in adulthood only amounts to a hardening of the original mold into which we were cast from this very beginning.

Next the entrance of siblings into our lives becomes the source of our motivation to develop and choose a path of behavior and personality. Whatever our sibling chooses, we are driven by our instincts to direct ourselves in the opposite way. From the moment that a second sibling opens her/his eyes, s/he notices if there is any competition to the parental LOVE s/he desperately desires and seeks. This LOVE is everything! So begins the saga of competition that started at birth and will follow us to the grave. We are possessive and competitive, and programmed not to tolerate anyone else in our coveted LOVE space.

Now consider the full story of creation in the Judeo-Christian bible, that of Adam who took his wife Eve, and their two sons Cain, the older and Abel the younger, which may or many not be an accurate historical account.